Women empowerment in Africa

Added On January 31, 2015

The empowerment of African women is the theme of the 24th Summit of the African Union to be held in January.

The summit organized exhibitions to show the current living conditions of African women.
Officials also say that female empowerment is a key priority to accelerate sustainable development.
As one walks along the aisle of the 24th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one can't help noticing the evocative photographs displayed at the corner of the conference room.
These photographs are a part of the 'Women of the Water' exhibition. It is a unique art project by African artist Angele Etoundi Essamba. Composed of a book and 30 photographs, it describes women's life in the West African country Benin.
During her trip to Ganvie in September 2013, Angele shared the life of the women community in this small village. Using them as prototypes, Angele re-created their touching life story and struggle.
Women in the photographs are epitomes of their social and cultural background. Angele is proud to use this project to pass their spiritual heritage on to future generations.
Angele's works have been exhibited in museums, institutions, art fairs and galleries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. Her works are strongly expressive because they portray a human world full of solidarity and equality.
Women are the main theme of Angele's artistic works. They are portrayed as strong, confident and autonomous.
Angele also joined various organizations, institutions and NGOs to promote women empowerment. She designs workshops to improve the living condition of indigent girls and teach them to make a living by themselves. She also gave speeches to raise awareness towards the issue.
As the African Union meets this week with the theme of female empowerment, Angele says Africa has made significant improvement in this area in the past 50 years. But more needs to be done.