Glove developed to attenuate tremor

Added On February 2, 2015

Scientifics and doctors from Madrid's Hospital 12 de Octubre have been developing and testing a smart glove that attenuates shaking caused by Parkinson disease, essential tremor and other neurological diseases.

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The glove has two main functions. It diagnoses the origin of the patient's tremor and attenuates it.
Researchers created a stimulus on the muscles that avoids tremor and shaking. So far, the study has been applied to around 600 people and the glove has been tested on around 80 people.
Some patients do not have tremors while wearing the glove.
Marta is a patient who says that her tremor decreases when wearing the glove.
Doctors say in general, patients are happy with the glove but they still cannot use it in daily life. 
However, patients are eager to collaborate with the project as many are not experiencing any results from the pills they are taking. 
Marta says although in the beginning the treatment can be a bit uncomfortable, this is the fourth time she is doing it, and now she feels more comfortable. 
In Spain, one or two of 100 residents older than 65 are affected by Parkinson.
The future of the project is testing the glove in other hospitals around the world with more patients.
Doctors said that the results were good and optimistic regarding diagnosis. When it comes to the therapeutic part, they recognized there are still some works to do, especially making it easier for the patient to carry the glove everywhere.
The project, called EuroTremor, is financed by the European Union and counts on the participation of the Hospital 12 Octubre, Spain's Center for Sociological Research (CSIC), Columbia University of New York and Gotten University in Germany among other entities.