China plans more medical assistance to Nepal

Added On May 5, 2015

 The Chinese government plans to offer more medical assistance to Nepal.

The mountainous county that neighbors China was devastated by a massive earthquake a week ago.
China has already sent five medical teams to Nepal. 
They've set up temporary hospitals,offering free treatment to quake victims. 
The Chinese medics also help with epidemic prevention. 
Xu Shuqiang is in charge. 
He told CNC on Sunday that the Chinese government will offer more medical assistance to Nepal.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): XU SHUQIANG, Head of Chinese medical teams
"We're planning to send more aid to Nepal. The assistance will be based on the needs of Nepal after the quake. We'll also draw lessons from China's relief experience." 
In addition, at the request of the Nepalese government, China has sent police officers to Nepal to help clear roads. 
The Chinese police officers left Tibet in southwest China and entered Nepal on Sunday.
They're tasked with clearing the road which connects the Nepalese capital Kathmandu with Zham, a border town in Tibet.
The highway is more than 900 km long, with over 800 km inside Tibet. The section in Tibet had been cleared on Friday. The part in Nepal is badly damaged by the quake.