Officials on China's economic reform

Added On May 6, 2015

 Senior Officials have talked about China's development at the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York.

They hailed China's on-going reforms, expressing optimism about the country's future growth.
Cui Yuying, Deputy Director of China's State Council Information Office (SCIO) said that China's reform has added great impetus to the global economy. 
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): CUI YUYING, China's State Council Information Office
"China's deepening reform has played a significant role in promoting the country's economic growth and boosting the global economy. The country's relationship with the world had never become such close as it is today. We are sharing interests, duties and destiny."
Also at the event, the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that the transformation of China's growth model is very necessary and the Western world has over reacted on China's slower growth.  
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): KEVIN RUDD, Former Australian Prime Minister
"When people panic in the collective West about the Chinese growth model, which is not 8 percent but 7 percent, then I think they failed to take into account all these relevant factors. My own conclusion, having looked at all the arguments for and against, is the Chinese growth rate for the duration of the next five-year-plan will run north of, that is above 6 percent and furthermore, my argument is that if the Chinese natural economic growth rate was to less than that, then China has efficient financial, fiscal and monetary policy capacity to act in order to bring great strength to the growth rate."