New panda pair in Macao

Added On June 2, 2015

A new pair of giant pandas given by China's central government have made their official debut in Macao.

The pandas arrived in the city in late April and went through a weeks-long quarantine before being transferred to the Seac Pai Van Park.
A new panda pair "Kaikai" and "Xinxin" debuted in Macao's Seac Pai Van Park on Children's Day.
The pair arrived in the city on April 30, as gifts from China's central government.
They were put under quarantine for nearly a month, before moving to a pavilion in this park.
The pandas are replacing a former pair, also bearing the names of "Kaikai" and "Xinxin".
The former "Xinxin" died of kidney failure in June last year.
And the former "Kaikai" will return to a research base in southwest China for a breeding plan.