Chinese ambassador on S. China Sea

Added On June 5, 2015

 The Unites States has recently made some pointed remarks in regard to China's reclamation activity on some of its islands in the South China Sea. 

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. said on Tuesday that the common interests between China and the United States outweigh their difference as they are having more cooperation than disagreement despite the recent dispute over the South China Sea.
Speaking to reporters at a welcome reception held at the Chinese Embassy for newly-posed Minister Li Kexin, Cui Tiankai noted that ensuring healthy and steady development of the bilateral ties is not only in the interest of both sides, but also the global responsibility shared by them. 
It is inevitable that differences, disagreements and even conflicts of interest exist in the China-U.S. ties, but there are always more areas in which the two sides need to cooperate. 
Cui said the two countries enjoy common interest in security, economic, financial, trade, and mutual investment, and share responsibilities in dealing with many regional and global issues.
On the recent dispute over South China Sea that has raised tensions in the China-U.S. ties, Cui blamed Washington for "creating something out of nothing." 
"China's construction activities in the region fall well within the scope of its sovereignty. South China Sea should not have become an issue between China and the U.S., because Washington is not one of the claimants. However, the frequent interfering behavior from the U.S. has violated China's interests. It is a dry fact. Whoever made the decision, it is wrong."
The U.S. has long been keen on the freedom of flight and navigation in international space and water and is thus wary of the implications of China's reclamation. 
Such issues have prompted both countries to set up some 90 official mechanisms to channel respective concerns and to promote cooperation. 
The upcoming U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue this summer and the following summit in September in New York are top-level dialogues for such exchanges.