China-Thailand relations- Ambassador on railway cooperation

Added On June 19, 2015

The Chinese Ambassador to Thailand says China will actively contribute to Thailand's development of its railway network.
Th two sides have been in intense talks over the cooperation since late last year.
Speaking to CNC on Wednesday, Chinese ambassador Ning Fukui said China's stance is very clear, that is, China is willing to play an active role in railway construction in Thailand. 
He said there is ample room for the two countries to cooperate in terms of technology and funding, and that such cooperation is win-win.
During a visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang late last year, Thailand and China inked a memorandum of understanding on the construction of four dual track railways in the Southeast Asian nation.
The two sides have since held four rounds of talks working on the details. A fifth round is slated for the end of the month in Thailand. 
Earlier, Thailand said the construction of one of the lines will start within this year and it will be linked to the planned China-Laos railway once completed.
Thailand hopes that an expanded railway network can boost its trade and tourism.