Greek Parlt approves crucial reforms

Added On July 23, 2015

The Greek parliament approved a second set of crucial reforms on Thursday.

This means that negotiations on an 86 billion euro European Union bailout for the country can now begin.
Greece has taken a major step towards its bailout....after parliament agreed on the second set of reforms on Thursday. 
The new measures include changes to the country's banking sector and an overhaul of the judiciary system.
The nod from lawmakers is deemed a triumph for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who has repeatedly stressed that the newly-inked debt deal is the only viable solution to keep Greece afloat and in the eurozone.
However, the tough terms of the agreement that foresee further austerity measures and reforms, have triggered strong opposition even within his own party. 
The approval from parliament has cleared the final hurdle before Athens can start new talks with creditors. Greece is seeking a third bailout since 2010, which is worth up to 86 billion euros over three years.