Egyptian official on new Suez Canal

Added On July 27, 2015

  Egypt's former ambassador to China Mahmoud Allam said in an interview with CNC that Egypt's new Suez Canal area will give China more opportunities to invest in Egypt and other countries.

As China is promoting its "Belt and Road" initiative, which involves some 60 countries and 4.4 billion population, the project will help the initiative reach more countries in the region.
The 72 km long New Suez Canal, an alternative to the original 190 km long waterway, is expected to transform a 76,000 square km area on both banks into an international logistics, commercial and industrial hub. 
To be inaugurated on Aug. 6, the project is one of the key national projects that are at the heart of Egyptian government's efforts to revive the country's sluggish economy.
The former ambassador believes the canal zone will also facilitate investment from China, which is promoting the "Belt and Road" initiative.
The "Belt and Road" initiative threads through over 60 countries and regions, with a total population of 4.4 billion.