Robot maker optimistic about China market

Added On July 29, 2015

 The world has seen constant expansion of service robot industry for years.

A service robot manufacturer in China has expressed his optimism about the prospect of the Chinese market.
Here are his reasons.
Qu Daokui, the president of SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD., believes the potential of service robot market in China is huge, and it could overtake industrial robot in terms of market shares some day in the future.
Qu says the potential will be amplified further when the industry meets the internet-based technologies.
Companines all over the world is now focusing on the importance of service robot industry for domestic scientific development. 
With the growing of advanced technology like information networks, sensor, intelligent control and biomimetic materials, and the cross merging of electromechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, service robots are advancing rapidly.