Chinese company in South Africa

Added On August 1, 2015

 China's leading electronics and appliances manufacturer Hisense wrapped up its two-day Export Strategy Conference Friday in Cape Town.

South African officials said that Hisense's investment into the continent has greatly helped local economy. 
The conference gathered officials and market insiders from China and the South Africa as well as more than 100 entrepreneurs from all over the world.
Rong Yansong, China's Economic and Commercial Counselor to South Africa described Hisense as an excellent example of Chinese enterprises investing in South Africa.
Rong said that the market share of Hisense television and refrigerator is 20 percent in the country, ranking the second in the industry.
Nomfuneko Majaja, Chief Director for Advanced Manufacturing of South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said that Hisense has made great contribution to economic development in the region.