150 giant sand sculptures in Belgium

Added On August 9, 2015

150 giant sand sculptures are on show at "Frozen Summer Fun" festival in Ostend, Belgium, creating a special combination of nature and art. 

Lifestyle takes you there.

This year, the main attractions are the characters from Disney's movie Frozen. There are sisters Ana and Elsa and their adorable snowman Olaf greeting to visitors from over the world. 

The visitors can watch Star Wars, Pixar movie personages and other fairy tales heroes they know in the past. 

To build this sculpture village on the coast of Belgium, a team of 30 carvers from over the world worked for nearly one month. They used up 6,000 tonnes of sand brought by 200 trucks.

No matter what kind of sand it is never a durable substance, especially in Belgium which often rains. This is why there has to be a sculptor on duty everyday to repair small damages done by visitors.

The festival lasts over two months till September 6.