Tianjin explosions-death toll rises to 50, including 12 firemen

Added On August 14, 2015

Blasts in north China's Tianjin port area on Wednesday night have killed at least 50 people. Among the dead, 12 were firemen. 

Local authorities said another 701 people are still in hospital, many gravely injured.

Emergency personnel are continuing the search for the missing firefighters, but this is already one of the biggest losses of firemen in the line of duty for decades. 

Most of the injured suffer from burns or broken bones. Among them, 71 are critically wounded.  

Two blasts occurred in Binhai New Area of Tianjin city, and were so strong that they were registered as seismic activity by the national earthquake center. 

Binhai New Area special economic zone is part of the Bohai economic rim and home to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

The explosions have seriously damaged the residential areas and buildings nearby.

Many nearby residential buildings and office buildings' doors and windows glass broken due to the explosions.