Tianjin blasts-Over 140 confirmed dead, pollutants monitored

Added On August 29, 2015

The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions two weeks ago rose to 146 on Thursday with 27 others still missing.

All the dead have been identified, including 89 firefighters, nine policemen and 48 others. 

The missing people include 15 firefighters, two policemen and 10 others.

Two blasts ripped through a warehouse in Tianjin Port where large amounts of toxic chemicals were stored, including around 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide more than two weeks ago.

No excessive levels of pollutants have been found in the air outside the exclusion zone, but high levels of cyanide were detected from water samples from inside the exclusion zone, with the worst about 27 times the level officially regarded as safe.

"Safe" levels of cyanide were found in four out of six seawater monitoring locations.