Nigerian Scholar on China's Peaceful Dev't

Added On September 9, 2015

 China held a military parade on Sept. 3 in Beijing's Tian'anmen square to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China's victory in World War II. 

A Nigerian scholar says China is a peace-loving country that plays a positive role in international affairs and world peace.
Dr. Efem N. Ubi, scholar of the Lagos-based Nigerian Institute of International Relations, lauded China's decision to remember and honor its falling heroes with a spectacular display of military arsenal.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): Dr. EFEM N. UBI, Nigerian Institute of Int'l Relations
"And if you look at the parade that was showcased at the square with the weapons and arsenal. It was great, China is telling the world that this time it's not the China you know 30 years ago, this is a new China and a new beginning".
Ubi, who has published a number of articles on China and Asia, said China's troop reduction by 300,000 is a positive development.