Tianjin blasts latest

Added On September 14, 2015

The death toll from the massive Tianjin warehouse blasts has risen to 165 one month after the accident.

Eight people remain unaccounted for, including five firefighters.
Tianjin authorities announced on Friday that the eight people still unaccounted for are unlikely to be found alive.
The municipality said courts in districts where the missing were last known to have lived will declare their deaths when receiving petitions from their families.
Two blasts ripped through a warehouse at around 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 12 in Tianjin Port, where large amounts of toxic chemicals were stored, including around 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide.
A total of 165 people, including 99 firefighters and 11 policemen, were killed in the blasts.
Hundreds of injured people remain in hospital.
The civil affairs department of the Binhai New Area has vowed to compensate and recognize firefighters of Tianjin Port who died from the explosions.
The families of the martyred firefighters will be compensated 2.3 million yuan, about 370,000 U.S. dollars.