Marriage license witnesses couple's 50-year love

Added On October 23, 2015

To celebrate the Chinese traditional Chong Yang Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday to pay respect to the senior citizens, a community in Central China's Changsha City held a ceremony to mark the golden wedding for six couples.
Lifestyles has one of the couples' love story...
Lu Aizhen, 75 years old, with her husband Zhu Chunlu, 82, celebrated their 50th anniversary of love journey.
ZHU CHUNLU, 82-year-old
"Darling, I love you."
What this couple brought to the ceremony was their marriage certificate issued by local authorities five decades ago.
The simple license with revolutionary style reflects the couple's romantic moment when they walked into a local marriage office with letters of reference written by their work units, proving they had approval to get married.
And just like other couples in Mao years, they said their wedding was held at the office of Communist Party Committee Office in their factory.
"I retired in the year of 1995 and got pensions with the equivalent of about 500 U.S. dollar per month. I was pondering to buy a gift for her, the first gift ever. For back in those days, Chinese people had no idea of what romantic was. Then I decided to ask my friend to buy a necklace in Hong Kong."
Lu also shares their secret of such a lasting love story.
"Remember to understand and take care of each other. My husband had been assisting with my bathing, braiding my hair for several months after my surgical operation this year. And that's why I have a nice look today."