Pinaist Lang Lang promotes music education in US

Added On October 24, 2015

World-renowned pianist Lang Lang visited a primary school in New York on Thursday, to support a public school partnership program funded by his charity.
The music program, which is called "Keys of Inspiration," is funded by Lang Lang International Music Foundation. Selected from a large number of applicants, the Roberto Clemente Public School became a partner of the program two years ago. 
The foundation offered the school a fully-equipped piano lab, teaching materials, and also a full-time piano teacher. All students from 2 to 5 grade are able to take music classes for free.
"I believe a lot of school across the world are hoping to be able to provide music classes for their students, but for financial or other reasons, art, as an education, is not considered a priority in many countries. I think that is not a good sign, it would limit children's imagination and creativity. When I was a kid, I take music classes at school, that's where I learned about Beethoven, Mozart and many great Chinese musicians. That experience was crucial to my life. So I hope we can help more children in the world to take music classes, in a whole new way."
Founded in 2008, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation has provided for more than 3,000 students worldwide. It has set up partnership programs with 6 primary schools in the United States, and helped a number of talented children purse their dreams. 
13-year-old Maxim Lando is a student from the program. His talent is recognized by Lang Lang, and the foundation has given him the most support.
"Lang Lang has the strongest impression on being such a great guy, I'm just his personality. He's inspired me in so many different ways, his foundation has sent me to so many places, sent me to England, sent me to Oxford, sent me to Barcelona, Germany. It's been the most amazing journey. Lang Lang himself, really such a great guy. What I think I love most about him is he acts like one of us, he acts like a child, and I think that inspires me in a way. And just so thankful to be part of the foundation, I really am."
Although the program only has a 3-year partnership with each school, Lang Lang hopes that the influence will be long lasting.
"We are trying to build a platform here. All the musical instruments and teachers in the 3 years are provided by us for free. But when the program is over, I hope the community could notice the changes that our music classes have brought, and I hope more people are willing to fund such education. Of course we will continue to help the school, but I hope more people like us will start to do the same."
The foundation also has several music programs in China, which provide professional piano classes for kids who love music, and encourage them to take piano competitions.