Sino-UK Science & Technology Summit

Added On October 26, 2015

The first China-Britain Joint Science and Technology Summit was held in Imperial College London on Saturday.
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The summit is themed with "Smart City", aiming at connecting top-tier technology startups with potential investors.
Official data show that in 2005, only 3 percent of Science and Nature papers authored by Imperial academics had a co-author from Chinese institutions.
While in 2015, that figure stands at 22 percent.
SOUNDBITE(English): MICHAEL BATTY, Professor, University College London
"I think lots of, there are lots of potential partnerships between British companies involved architecture and planning and transport, and governments, and some companies in China,I think also that in China, there are lots of new initiatives and new companies can actually helps us here in Britain. I think that its what we would say two-way traffic, it means that not only British companies working in China, but also Chinese companies working in Britain."
Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Imperial College on Thursday.
During the visit, Professor Guo Yike showed the President how Imperial data scientists in collaboration with international partners.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): GUO YIKE, Professor, Imperial College London
"When I talked to President Xi Jinping, he said he hope the scientific research could be closely connected with social practice and people's livelihood."
A science and technology innovation contest was also held during the summit.
Projects that could improve human life quality and scientific innovation have been selected, and hatcheries are expected to be established in British and Chinese cities such as London, Beijing and Qingdao.