Giant panda protection in china

Added On November 19, 2015

Liziping Natural Reserve, located in China's Sichuan Province, is one of the major giant panda breeding centers in the country. 
To rebuild the natural habitats of giant pandas, the reserve has been making efforts to breed the endangered animal and release them into the wild. 
Liziping Natural Reserve is located in the Gongga Mountains where the plantation coverage reaches 86.1%. It is one of the 25 global protection zone of biological diversity. 
SOUNDBITE: HUANG FENG, Official from Liziping Natural Reserve 
Liziping National reserve was selected as the place for releasing giant pandas because we have the basic conditions and protective measures for giant pandas living here. We have worked to protect the woods and the natural reserve. We have made specific regulations on protecting the natural reserve, its plantation and its animals. 
Since 2009, four giant pandas have been successfully released in the Liziping reserve. 
The natural reserve has established a monitor system that takes records of activities of giant pandas in the wild, which have accumulated rich information for further research. 
SOUNDBITE: HUANG FENG, Official from Liziping Natural Reserve 
We have a monitor team who trace and monitor the giant pandas through infrared camera, radio and DNA technology. They are able to know how the pandas are adapting to the environment after they were released into the wild. We started the release project in 2009 when Lu Xin was released into the wild. Then through monitoring we found that she gave birth to a panda cub and raised it herself. We got the photo of Lu Xin and the cub in the wild though infrared camera. And the DNA test have confirmed their parent-child relationship. 
Another two giant pandas bred in captivity will be released into the wild likely at the end of this month. 
A team of experts believe that the pair, "Hua Jiao" and "Hua Yan", have met their two-year wild training target and are well prepared to be released into the wild.
The two females, born in 2013, will start their new journey at Liziping Natural Reserve.
SOUNDBITE: HUANG FENG, Official from Liziping Natural Reserve 
We will continue to release gaint pandas. Except the release program, we also works to monitor and build the giant planda corridor through which the pandas could migrant. It will help enrich the genetic diversity of giant pandas.