Premier League offcial on broadcasting rights in China

Added On November 20, 2015

The Premier League announced its Economic Impact Analysis of 2013/2014 season Wednesday. 
At the briefing, official from the Premier League outlined the broadcasting rights of their games in China in the next few seasons.
During the 2013/2014 season, the Premier League has broadcast to 645 million people at 175 countries and regions around the world. In terms of Chinese market, Executive Chairman of Premier League Richard Scudamore said he's very excited to see the Premier League games are so popular in China. 
SOUNDBITE: RICHARD SCUDAMOR, Executive Chairman of Premier League 
"We did hold an Asia Trophy in Beijing, sometime go back to 2009 I think. We are doing our media plan as the plan of one of those. But of course most our promotion is through our broadcast and super sports media, not just in terms of traditional television as I was saying, obviously on digital channels, on fantasy league (which is), our own website, so a lot of digital reference. The way then they supply things right to variance over the top internet companies and media companies. That's the part of the plan they agree with us. So what we have them called a content neutralization plan. They take our content and they tell us how they are gonna exploit it, how to reach substantial market in China."
The China Central Television announced this August that it got the Premier League's broadcasting right in the 2016/2017 season. After 12 years, the Premier League's game will go back to the China Central Television again. 
While LETV, the Chinese Internet entertainment company announced this September that it got the broadcasting right in Hong Kong in the upcoming three seasons starting from 2016/2017.
It's a sign of competition between traditional television and Internet platforms. 
SOUNDBITE: RICHARD SCUDAMORE, Executive Chairman of Premier League 
"When we sell our rights, we don't sell them, they have to be on television, they have to be any particular media, we sell them on what we called a platform neutral base. Therefore, How people lose them or got them, (how) they want to exploit them, it's up to them. And increasingly across the world we've seen more and more top internet company as we see  in Hong Kong where the LETV has come in bought the Hong Kong rights from 2016-2017. Obviously, It's an internet based company have our rights. And we've seen that evolution going all around the world."
Scudamore also reveals that officials and coaches of the Chinese Super League will come to the UK this week to communicate with their UK counterparts on young player training and league management. 
He also points out that though there's still much room of improvement for Chinese football, it has achieved great progress in recent years.