Hells kitchen attraction site in Kenya

Added On December 2, 2015

Hell's Kitchen is not a real kitchen. It's an odd sandstone canyon that might be Kenya's best kept-secret.
Lifestyles takes you there.
A 30-minute drive from Malindi town in coastal Kenya is a small unassuming village with conspicuous baobab trees.
The village is called Marafa, but its proximity to the biodiversity-rich Dakatcha woodlands is not its most outstanding feature. That title goes to the Marafa depression, more famously known as Hell's Kitchen.
Hell' s Kitchen is an odd sandstone canyon that might be Kenya' s best kept-secret.
The name comes from the high temperatures for which it is famous. No tours are done during the day as the temperatures reach highs of 50 degrees at some point in the canyon.
Hell' s Kitchen is a lifeline for the Marafa community. Tom Jefwa, the current secretary of the Marafa Hell' s Kitchen Tour Operators, says the attraction site has offered many youths life line opportunities through jobs.
SOUNDBITE:TOM JEFWA-secretary ,Marafa Hell' s Kitchen Tour Operators
"This is a very interesting tourist attraction site there are so many visitors who visit this place we have people from outside the country we also have universities students who visit here and also researchers .This place has benefited the youths around especially the youths who are in this place in form of bursaries and other development activities around here."
The place is ever expanding by erosion. The most accessible high viewpoint, direct from the main gate, is protected by a wooden fence. The fence has been moved three times in the past 10 years because the previous one succumbed to erosion.
According to local legend, Hell's Kitchen's temperatures are a sign of the punishment meted out on the woman who refused to move from a cursed town.
Despite its name, which may make people think of villain lurking over an oven with a recipe, it is actually a serene site with a captivating landscape.
Geological assessments suggest that the area is made up of varying layers of rock.
It is a sandstone ridge with varying jagged gorges and about five different colours of sandstone. That mix makes the site captivating when the sun is low, at either sunset or sunrise.
Hell' s Kitchen belongs to the local Giriama community. Since the grounds are sacred to them, no alcohol, cigarettes, or coital activities are allowed inside.