Artemisinin, a gift from chinese medicine to world

Added On December 10, 2015

Chinese Nobel laureate Tu Youyou won this year's Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine for extracting the anti-malaria drug artemisinin from a herb. 
The Eighty-four-year-old Tu delivered a speech at Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine in Stockholms Monday, titled "Artemisinin is a gift that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)has for the world". 
In the half-hour-long speech at Karolinska Institutet in central Stockholm, Tu shared the story of her research experiences in developing artemisinin. 
Half a century ago, the pharmacologist derived artemisinin from sweet wormwood, which she found cited in a 4th century traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) text as an ingredient to cure fever, developing a crucial drug that has significantly reduced mortality rates for malaria patients.
Tu believes Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure-house, which should be explored and raised to a higher level. 
Statistics show more than 240 million people in Sub-Sahara Africa have benefitted from artemisinin, and more than 1.5 million lives are estimated to have been saved thanks to the drug since 2000.