Nepali man challenges Yoga Marathon of Guinness World Records

Added On December 20, 2015

A Nepali Yoga therapist is set to keep a new Guinness World Records for performing Longest Yoga Marathon under male category.

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30 years old Muktan has a target of performing continuous Yoga for two consecutive days. He started the attempt to break the record made by an Indian Yoga teacher.
The current record holder Yogaraj CP has a record of 40 hours and 15 minutes achieved in February, 2015. This time, Muktan targets to perform more than 1000 yoga steps for 45-50 hours. 
SOUNDBITE (NEPALI): Nabaraj Bhattarai, Coordinator
"Muktan always felt that we should do something creative in life before our death. So, following the same principle, he is all set to keep a new record for longest yoga marathon. " 
Muktan said that his attempt is to introduce Nepal as the Yoga Land. He also had a strong message for youths to adopt a disciplined life. 
Since Yoga has been a part of disciplined life worldwide, Muktan started the practice eight years ago. He received the formal lessons from a renowned Yoga Guru Vikashananda. 
SOUNDBITE (NEPALI): Dr Hari Prasad Koirala, Advisor
"Such world record attempts help in promotion of yoga across the world. It can attract the people towards adopting a disciplined life through yoga". 
The non-stop performance of the yoga therapist is being held inside a Yoga hall of Balmeeki Campus amid the presence of eye witness. 
His record-breaking performance has also been recorded by camera to submit to the Guinness World Records organization.