Added On December 27, 2015

Investigators say the landslide which hit an industrial park in south China's Shenzhen nearly a week ago was, quote, "an industrial safety accident", rather than a geological disaster.

At least seven people were killed and over 70 are still missing. 

Senior officials of the city government have made a public apology.

An investigation team sent by the State Council or China's cabinet announced their findings on Friday. 

They say the landslide, which struck the southern city of Shenzhen on Sunday, was a man-made accident, rather than a geological disaster.  

It was caused by the collapse of a huge pile of construction waste illegally stored at an old quarry site. 

The waste turned to mud during rain on Sunday morning and came down on an industrial park, burying over 30 buildings. 

The government of Shenzhen city has made a public apology. 

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): MA XINGRUI, Party chief of Shenzhen

"We accept the findings of the investigation team. We'll fully cooperate with the probe. Those involved will be held responsible and penalized according to law and regulations. This is a very serious accident, with disastrous consequences, which teaches us a grave lesson. It has led to big losses both of human lives and properties, causing a huge negative impact on the image of Shenzhen. Here, on behalf of the Shenzhen government and the city's Party committee, we sincerely apologize to all victims, families of those still missing, the injured and all other people affected and the general public."

The landslide has claimed seven lives and 75 people are still missing nearly a week since the disaster happened. Only one person, a 19-year-old man, has made it out alive.

Search and rescue efforts are continuing. But officials say there is risk of more landslides at the site.