Egypt terror attacks

Added On January 10, 2016

A wave of terrorist attacks hit Egypt, killing at least two people and injuring three tourists.
So far, the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for two of the three attacks for the past three days.
World News has the details.
A group of gunmen shot dead a police officer and a soldier in their car on the outskirts of Cairo on Saturday and then fled away. Islamic State militant group said it was behind the attack, the third one in three days.
One day earlier, two suspected militants armed with knives wounded three European tourists in the beachside Bella Vista hotel in Egypt's Red Sea city of Hurghada.
Security sources said the attackers had arrived by sea and also carried a gun and a suicide belt. At least one of the attackers had been killed. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.
On Thursday, a group of 15 men attacked a tourist hotel in Giza's Ahram district. No causalities were reported. The attack was claimed by Islamic State militants.
The recent wave of attacks hit a major blow to Egypt's tourism, a critical sector of the country's ailing economy.
Egypt's Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou said on Saturday that the government will announce additional security measures to safeguard tourists after an attacks.