Istanbul bomb attack investigation - Turkey arrests 5 suspects

Added On January 14, 2016

Now the latest on the bomb attack in Turkey's Istanbul, which killed 10 Germans.
Turkish officials say they have arrested five people suspected of direct links to the deadly suicide bombing. 
Meanwhile, Reports say the Islamic State suicide attacker had registered as a refugee from Syria and was not on any watch lists.
In the wake of the deadly bombing in Istanbul, Turkey and Germany have vowed to join forces in fighting terrorism.
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who visited Istanbul on Wednesday, told his Turkish counterpart Efkan Ala that Berlin stood resolutely by Turkey's side in the war on terrorism.
He also said there were no indications Germans had been deliberately targeted.
Ala confirmed reports that the suicide attacker was affiliated with the Islamic State group. He had registered as a refugee from Syria just a week earlier. The minister also said the bomber wasn't on any Turkish or international watch lists for IS militants.
So far, Turkey has arrested five suspects related to the bombing. 
The blast took place in the heart of Istanbul's historic district on Tuesday, killing 10 German tourists. 
Another 15 people were also wounded, including Germans, a Norwegian man and a Peruvian woman. Five Germans are now in intensive care. 
Turkish officials say the country has taken all necessary security precautions.
Following the attack in Istanbul, Turkey has stepped up the crackdown on Islamic State militants. 
More than a dozen people suspected of links to the IS group were detained in raids across the country on Wednesday. 
And one day earlier, another 59 were arrested. 
The Russian foreign ministry has confirmed that three of those detained were Russian nationals, but it was not immediately clear whether there was any connection to the Istanbul attack. 
Turkey has rounded up hundreds of suspected Islamic State members since last July.