US Snowstorm - 12 dead in severe weather

Added On January 24, 2016

A massive winter storm is testing the endurance of the United States.
The extreme weather has left at least 12 people dead and thousands of people stranded on the roads and at airports in U.S. East Coast on Saturday.
World News takes a look.
According to local weather services, Winter Storm Jonas was moving towards Northeast Saturday, with dangerous blizzard or near-blizzard conditions ongoing across the region.
Blizzard warnings remained in effect Saturday for about 38 million people in northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.
Governors of 11 U.S. states have declared a state of emergency as heavy snowfall, gale-force winds and coastal flooding showed no signs of dying down.
In Washington, D.C., the storm had dumped up to 13 inches, or 33 centimeters, of snow by Saturday morning.
Local police said there're no reports of fatalities in Washington, D.C., but in states located in the storm's path, at least 12 were killed due to severe weather conditions, mostly from traffic accidents.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also announced a travel ban in New York City on Saturday as the storm was headed for New York. 
But the storm was not really like an annoying monster at Times Square.
"Here at Times square, we can tell how the snow has been liked by everybody. The workers are working 12 hours a day to make the roads clean for everybody to be safe outside. For a lot of tourists around the world, they are here. Some of the their plans have been cancelled but they are enjoying the day here very much."
"We were going to go to a flowers game, but it is cancelled, so we are just making the best of the experience here. (How are you liking the snow) it is amazing. It is fun. We went to central park, we went to the plaza. It is freezing, but if you get a couple of drinks, you will feel great."
"We just came for a weekend vacation, and it turned into the blizzard. (how do you like it right now)we love it. It is fun. Yes, a lot of fun."
"(How many hours do you have to work today?)12. (12 hours today) yes. (it is just because of the snow today? ) Yes. (How are you feeling right now?) I am alright. (Do you like the snow or not) yes, I like the snow. It is good. It is better than the heat."
According to flight tracking services, there were 200,000 power outages reported nationwide due to the storm and over 7,500 flights have been canceled on Friday and Saturday.