Abbas: Palestine to convene peace conference

Added On January 24, 2016

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced Saturday that Palestine is coordinating with France to convene an international peace conference with Israel.
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Abbas told a press conference on Saturday that the move aims at "establishing a mechanism to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and implementing the Arab peace initiative."
Abbas added that the Palestinian leadership will go to the UN Security Council "to stop settlement expansion over Palestinian land, as well as to provide international protection for the Palestinian people from Israel's ongoing attacks, especially by the settlers."
The palestinian leader stressed that an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, on the borders of 1967, would come true.
Abbas reiterated that he will not accept any signed agreements with Israeli side if Israel continues to ignore agreements, and will not accept any temporary solutions which do not meet Palestinian legitimate rights.
The last four months witnessed the outbreak of violence between Israel and the Palestinians. 
At least 160 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, while dozens of Israelis were killed in a series of shooting, stabbing and cars ramming attacks carried out by Palestinian youths.