Clean-up in NYC after blizzard

Added On January 27, 2016

Residents began to shovel their way out of snow on Sunday after waking up to near-record snowfall that blanketed the U.S. East Coast. 

Lifestyles takes you to New York City.
Although the blizzard stopped last Saturday night, New York City is still thick with snow. On Monday, snow has begun to melt, but the massive snowfall continues to affect the lives of New York residents. 
On both sides of the roads, cars are still buried with a white blanket.  People slogged to work in the rush hour Monday morning. 
According to the National Weather Service, the blizzard dumped more than 30 inches (76.2 cm) of snow in some parts. Snow left a total of 26.8 inches(68.07 cm) in Central Park. That's the second highest amount recorded since 1869. 
New Yorkers choose not to stay indoors, though. Parents turn hilly-snow covered area of Central Park into kids' playground.