Argentina heat wave

Added On January 28, 2016

While some countries in the northern hemisphere are shivering during a record cold snap, an intense heat wave is plaguing Argentina with temperatures soar above 40 degree Celsius.
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The extended heat wave in most areas of Argentina has affected the daily activities in this South American country, especially in its capital city Buenos Aires.
Argentina's national electrical utility ENRE says the high temperature has led to power cuts in the capital and surrounding areas last weekends.
The blast of heat and high humidity sent thousands of people to area rivers, lakes and beaches.
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"Being in the shade or getting wet a little. The heat is getting worse and we must do something, because there are no air conditioning because of the power outages, then you have to leave because you can not do anything."
The Ministry of Health advised the residents to maintain hydration, use sunscreen outdoor and avoid direct sunlight between 10:00am and 4:00pm.Besides, special attention must be paid to infants, children, seniors and people with chronic, who are more prone to heat stroke diseases.