A marvelous journey underground

Added On January 31, 2016

The Friouato caves are one of the most famous tourist destinations in Morocco. 
The caves form the largest known cave system in Northern Africa.
Lifestyles takes you there. 
About 20 kilometers from the town of Taza, the Friouato caves are considered one of the most breathtaking natural attractions in Morocco. 
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): YOUNESS QUASIMI, Staffer of Friouato caves
"The caves were discovered between 1932 and 1934 by French explorers who managed to descend to a depth of 3 kilometers. It was a big discovery at that time in Morocco, and since then, an annual expedition is organized to explore the real depth of the caves."
The farthest known point of the cave system is over 3.5 kilometers, but its real limits are still mysterious. Some experts say the caves may stretch to about 6 kilometers.
In the local dialect, "Friouato" means "the abyss of wind". 
Professional cave explorers have ventured as far as 272 meters deep into the caves and it's believed that there's also an underground river. 
Today, tourists can climb down the cave and get an experience like no others. Don't forget to take a flashlight and a warm jacket as the caves are extremely dark inside and it is around 13 degrees Celsius down there.