Costa Rica attracts Chinese tourists

Added On February 13, 2016

Costa Rica is becoming ever more popular among Chinese tourists who come to the Central American country to enjoy nature's beauty and extreme sports. 
During the Spring Festival, the country has also become a popular travel destination for Chinese tourists to spend the week-long holiday, 
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Zip lining, Tarzan swinging, waterfall rappelling, free fall jumping on the canopy tree in Costa Rica's tropical forest.
They are all parts of the extreme sports experiences that tourists can enjoy in Costa Rica amid lush natural scenes. 
Such attractions have attracted many young Chinese tourists to the country during the Spring Festival.
"Costa Rica is a small country but it has fantastic tropical forests that's world famous for its volcanoes as well as hot springs. It has been a fantastic experience coming to Costa Rica, especially during spring break, we take the kids and the entire family for Chinese new year. It's a great experience."
"I have been to North America, Southeast Asia and North Asia, so many places, I saw the volcano, I saw the waterfalls, but I never saw any species or waterfalls or volcanoes in Central America region. It's also a quite different from the other regions."
Costa Rica is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world. The country is recognized for its nature conservation efforts and for giving tourists a marvelous adventurous experience in its forests. 
In 2015, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Costa Rica reached more than 9,550, increased by nearly 30 percent compared to that of 2014. 
Isabel Yung, the Managing Director of Costa Rica's largest Chinese travel agency, Orientul, said Costa Rica is trying to attract more young Chinese tourists as such group could be interested in the extreme sports experience.