Munich security conference

Added On February 13, 2016

Top security and defense officials gathered in Munich for an annual security forum on Friday, focusing on Syrian conflicts, refugees, terrorism and other "boundless crises."
“The global strategic environment is bleak. The international order in my view is in its worst shape since the end of the cold war. Overwhelmed and helpless guardians are faced with increasingly boundless crises and empowered reckless spoilers. Today’s conflicts more and more tend to transcend state boarders, in some areas to a stunning extend. Take the war in Syria for example, it has turned into a full-fledged regional conflict. It is currently also the main driver of the global refugee crisis, making 2015 the record year with the most refugees ever since the World War Two.”
Wolfgang Ischinger urged countries to show more solidarity and seek joint responses to the crises instead of solutions from merely national prospective.
The Syrian war, refugee crisis, Islamic State, Ukraine conflicts are among the key issues to be discussed at the forum from Friday to Sunday.
Some 600 decision makers including over 30 heads of states and governments and more than 70 ministers will attend the conference.
The conference, now at its 52th edition, started hours after top diplomats agreed to implement a nationwide "cessation of hostilities" in Syria within one week and to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid immediately in the war-torn country.
Also at the opening of the forum, German defence minister said European countries need find a systematic and European response to the refugee crisis.
“What is to be done? First of all help should be extended to the refugees who have reached Europe because it is a humanitarian duty and international law. And yet at the same time it is also clear that the influx must be reduced. All resources are limited. We need to focus on the actual need of protection.”