Munich security conference - Medvedev warns of "new cold war"

Added On February 15, 2016

At the ongoing Munich Security conference, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has described East-West relations as having "fallen into a new Cold War".
Diplomats and leaders of western countries and Russia had intense debates on Saturday, showing big gap between the two sides over a slew of security issues.
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Medvedev gave the warning during a Prime Ministers' Debate.
He said the West often uses deterrent means and policies against Russia, which led to a break-down of dialogue between the two sides.
The Russian prime minister also criticized the expansion of NATO and EU towards Eastern Europe, saying the so-called belt of friends on the outskirts of the EU was not a belt of friends but a belt of exclusion.
The West and Russia also have disagreements in issues such as Syria and Ukraine, which undermine the ties between them.
Both sides have imposed sanctions against each other.
Facing accusation of the West that it is Russian airstrike on IS is causing civilian casualties in Syria, the Russian prime minister refuted it as "just not true."
He said Moscow is trying to prevent militant extremists getting towards Russia.
On Ukraine issue, while the U.S. is urging Russia to fully implement the Minks agreement, or it will face sanctions, Medvedev returned with "the implementation of Minsk agreement depends, first of all, on Kiev."
Despite the gaps in certain issues, Medvedev said the West and Russia have achieved some positive results in fields like the Iran nuclear talks, the UN's climate change summit in Paris as well as Thursday's Munich meeting on Syria. 
So the Russian PM underlined that cooperation instead of confrontation is needed to overcome the differences and ensure the peace regained after the WWII.