Carnival in Italian seaside town

Added On February 17, 2016

The annual Viareggio Carnival in Italy is one of the biggest and oldest carnivals in the world. 
Over 200,000 visitors, including celebrities and politicians, flock here every year, when the whole city turns into the factory of fun.
"The Carnival of Viareggio fills a whole month of daytime and nighttime festivities with parades of allegorical floats, local parties, masked balls and festivals of all kind."
The Tuscan city of Viareggio is famous for its giant papier-mache floats that parade on the sea avenues during the event.
This year, the street party is bigger than ever with 10 first category floats, 4 second category floats, 9 groups of masks, 16 isolated masks participating.
The giant floats are created to dazzle the public with extraordinary choreographic effects, which make wagons real travelling theaters that are unique in the world. 
The 20-meter-high and 12-meter-wide magnificent allegorical floats were created by local masters.
More than 25 artisan firms and over one thousand people are engaged throughout the year in the realization of these amazing travelling theaters. 
Among them, some have inherited skills and secrets of a unique craft from their fathers and grandfathers.
At the closing ceremony of carnival a selected jury will declare winners and losers.
Viareggio Carnival dates back to 1873.
Today it is the largest Italian folk event with an impressive annual budget of 5.47 million U.S. dollars. 
This year's carnival will last until March 5.