"Anti gravity" hill in Kenya

Added On February 19, 2016

Situated in the heart of Machakos in Eastern Kenya, a hill has baffled locals and scientists with the forces of gravity seemingly operating contrary to the norm.
Lifestyle takes you there.
The Kyamwilu Hills defied the laws of nature people have known.
Only because, it is an anti-gravity hill.
It has become a major tourism site to many.
After approximately an hour's drive from the country's capital Nairobi, an expedition took CNC Correspondents to the Kyamwilu area.
The stretch on Kyamwilu hill is only 100 metres but baffles many. The hill is named after the two men who were married to the same woman and who seemingly were jealous of each other. 
"Its believed in this area no one can give birth to a girl, so there were two men namely Kyalo and Mwilu who decided to marry one girl from a different part of this region. The lady gave birth to a boy, whom he didn’t know the real father was hence the name kya-mwilu."
Bizarre as it is, people can easily run free gear for about 100 meters while climbing up. 
For a car it also requires much more effort to go downhill than uphill. Water here will flow uphill to the amusement of many. 
A car can even roll uphill, unaided here when switched off.
Weird as it may sound, this is the reality of Kyamwilu hill.
For locals however it is somewhat a normal experience---many have been brought up in this area where forces of nature seem to work in opposite directions. 
"To us is a normal occurrence. For scientists I hear they say beneath there's ready mercury others say there's minerals, At one point some scientists came at dug 15 feet down and they extracted black soil which they said when placed on a magnet they attract each other ,we didn't understand."
Folklore thinks that the extraordinary phenomenon of the hills dissent from ancestral happenings as some villagers try to explain.
Even scientists have been unable to explain what goes on here. 
"Today (we) have witnessed a miracle. I used to here in this area of Machakos that bizarre things like when water is poured it goes uphill rather than down hill. I came to witness for myself."
"I have witnessed what many call the bizarre happenings. I had vowed to visit this area before I die."
Even though experts hold a skeptical view of the area, no studies have been conducted to explain the bizarre of the happenings of the area.
Local people are calling for international recognition.  Meanwhile it is a worthwhile experience to run what seems like downhill and fall short of breath.