Umaid Bhawan Palace in India

Added On February 25, 2016

India was once a land of royals, Kings and Queens and their extravagant lifestyle. 
Many of the Royal properties where kings used to reside in earlier days have now been converted into heritage hotels. One such opulent palace is Umaid Bhawan Palace which was awarded as the world's best hotel by a global travel survey.
Lifestyles takes you there to have a look. 
Perched high above the desert capital of Jodhpur, Umiad Bhawan Palace is the last of the great palaces of India and one of the largest palaces of India and  private residences in the world, set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens. 
Designed by renowned Edwardian architect, Henry Lanchester, the palace is a blend of eastern and western architectural influences. 
Visitors at Umaid Bhawan Palace live life the king size. They are given a rousing traditional welcome as it used to be given to Royal guests by the King in erstwhile kingdom of Jodhpur. 
Once you enter, everything here takes you to the bygone era of Indian royals, from real wild animal trophies that kings once hunted to the majestic 'Indo-Deco' architecture designed by some of the greatest international architects of 20th century. 
The central dome soaring 148 feet grabs eyeball more than anything else however. 
"This magnificent dome structure is called one of the largest in India but that is not all about the 'Umaid Bhawan Palace' in Jodhpur. There is much more to see and explore about it. And if you want to know more, why this palace hotel is being called the world's best hotel, you have to pay a visit to the palace."
The palace was built in 1928 by over 3000 constructors. After 15 years in construction, the 347 room palace was finally completed in 1943 and has served as the principal residence of the Jodhour royal family since.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): VINCENT RAMOS,  General Manager, Umaid Bhawan Palace
"This palace has got love and affection unlike many other places which could have so many other reasons for it. But this palace was built for the people of Jodhpur, by the people of Jodhpur when there was famine. And Maharaja wanted to create a livelihood for them. When the Maharaja was giving them free money, they refused to take the money. They say that we want to make sure that we earn this money. And that's the culture here. They don't want to take anything for free, they want to earn it. And I think that is the beautiful thing every human being should have. And so there was love and affection that built this palace. And I think everybody around the world should come and experience this great chemistry here. This great palace which is in Jodhpur."
The massive 3700 square feet Maharaja (King) and 4850 square feet Maharani (Queen) suites were built in line with all needs of the King and Queen. 
Besides having huge bedroom, these suites have a dressing room, dining room, private Jacuzzi and spa, a separate dining room with adjoining kitchen, yoga room and private terrace overlooking sprawling garden - everything too grand to be true.