Indonesia promotes tourism with Baidu

Added On February 28, 2016

On Thursday, Indonesian ministry of tourism signed cooperate contract with Chinese internet giant Baidu, appointing Baidu as its strategic partner.
The move aims to attract 10 million Chinese tourists in 2019.
Official data show that in 2015, the total number of Chinese tourists visiting overseas reached more than 100 million, while Chinese tourists visiting Indonesia only reached 1.1 million.
According to Arief Yahya, Minister of Indonesian Tourism, Baidu's broad knowledge on the behavior of Chinese tourists in searching tourist information is important, considering their lower interest to Indonesia.
SOUNDBITE(Indonesian): ARIEF YAHYA, Indonesian Tourism Minister
"70 percent of the average person search that already use digital media, and the whole process is called "see, book, pay". More than 20% visitors book on the internet, with 10 percent pay digital, and all in all digital media provides a confirmed direction while providing various choices, and everything will be using digital. If you stick not to use digital solution you are out of date."
Bao Jianlei, Managing Director of Baidu Indonesia, says the company will be contributing in the organization of workshops aiming to educate the information-providers in the field of on-line tourism in Indonesia, such as travel agencies, tourist destination organizers and accommodation or hotels.
SOUNDBITE(English): BAO JIANLEI, Managing Director, Baidu Indonesia
"The first one is the SEM, generally talking it's like a 'key word promotion', second way is through the Baidu affiliates, for Baidu is the largest affiliates network in China, so through our built traffic, we will trarget some user who ever searched 'Indonesia' or searched 'travel', we target indonesia advertisement to these users, that's the second channel. And the last one is we create some specific campaigns raised by our Baidu travel platform. So later on we will launch a programme and then we will select some winners to travel in Indonesia by free so we will launch several interesting places  based on Baidu travel platform."