7,000 migrants on Greek-Macedonian border

Added On March 1, 2016

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) remains its border with Greece close, refusing the entry of thousands of migrants stranded in Greek side.
A transit camp with capacity of 2,000 people in Idomeni, a Greek border town near Macedonia, has accommodated more than 7,000 migrants waiting for crossing border.
Tensions there are running high as days are passing without new hopes.
The camp in Idomeni is in a mess.
The number of migrants is increasing to a level far beyond its capacity with very limited exits thanks to a tough cross-border restrictions imposed by Macedonia.
Migrants are desperately waiting for the daily quota allowed to cross border into Macedonia, which stands at dozens to a hundred each day.
An entry into Macedonia means the possibility of further trip within EU, or they will face endless wait in Greece.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) MOHAMMAD, Migrant from Aleppo, Syria
"The borders closed four or three days ago, no one crossed, here we stay in small tents, no food, all they are giving is a piece of bread in the morning and one cup of soup, just so you see we are humans like you, like everyone, we need to cross to live our life, if you can't take us to Germany please help us to stop the war in our country."
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) SIGRA, Migrant from Damascus, Syria
"Look, it's very much people, nobody help me and my family and this people. No, no, no person here helping the people. Just help, small hep, not more. Look it's very very bad, look yourself."
Many migrants have run out patients amid the indefinite wait on borders.
Some of them resorted to demonstrations, chanting slogan of "open the borders," and waving placards with similar messages on it. 
They hope that their message can reach deep in Europe and the world through media reports.
As the Middle East, the major source of the migrants, have no imminent sign of peace restoration, more migrants are expected to cross the treacherous Aegean Sea to reach Greece in the coming days.
Situation on the border is likely to go worse if the border restrictions remain.