France razes migrant camp

Added On March 2, 2016

The government of the northern French port city of Calais has torn down more makeshift shelters in a sprawling camp for refugees and migrants. 
The move has led to continuous protests. 
The sprawling camp in the northern French port city of Calais has become a flashpoint of tension. 
Workers sent by the local government tore down more makeshift shelters in the southern part of the camp on Tuesday.
The camp hosts about 5,000 migrants and refugees, many of who want to move on to Britain on the other side of the English Channel. 
The French government has offered to relocate those affected by the demolition, but many have refused to leave, afraid of hurting their chances to reach Britain.  
Officials estimate that between 800 and 1,000 migrants and refugees will have to move out of the camp.
The eviction, announced on Feb. 12, has led to days of protests, some of which have turned violent. Hundreds of police have been sent to keep order. 
Some human rights organizations have accused French authorities of brutally evicting migrants. But the French government blames activists for inciting the unrest and says the demolition will continue.