Palestinian PM speaks to CNC - Calling for UN resolution on settlements

Added On March 7, 2016

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has told CNC that they're seeking a UN Security Council resolution over Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. 
The premier says the issue has become a major block in the peace process.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): RAMI HAMDALLAH, Palestinian Prime Minister
"We're coordinating with Arab countries to push for a resolution in the UN Security Council over settlements. The entire international community deems the settlements illegal. We hope this stance can be shown in a Security Council resolution."
The Palestinian prime minister also says his government is willing to take every effort to achieve reconciliation among different Palestinian factions. 
The remarks come as the Fatah movement, based in the West Bank, and Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip, are now in a new reconciliation effort.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): RAMI HAMDALLAH, Palestinian Prime Minister
"We do not need any new agreement between Fatah and Hamas. The two sides already reached a deal in Cairo in November 2011. They also agreed on a deal in Doha. We have many agreements. What we need now is to implement these agreements and achieve reconciliation in Gaza and the West Bank."
The Palestinian premier also talks about a French initiative for an international conference on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The proposal, made by then French foreign minister Laurent Fabius in January, is intended to break the current stalemate in the peace process. 
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): RAMI HAMDALLAH, Palestinian Prime Minister
"Let me say frankly that up till this moment, France has not put forward a detailed plan for their initiative. The then French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, floated the idea before he resigned. He wanted an international conference to be held in June or July. We welcome any initiative and effort by any state to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land."