Sanctuaries for monarch butterflies

Added On April 4, 2016

From October to March every year, millions of Monarch butterflies immigrate to and stay in Mexico.
To protect the annually migration passengers, some micro-sanctuaries were planted in the city of San Luis Potosi.
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The Monarch butterflies immigration has become a must-see phenomenon for tourists to Mexico.
People of the city planted numbers of Milkweed bushes within the urban area, which are the butterflies' favorite, offering them place to rest, eat and procreate.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): MATTHEW SERAFIN, Resident of San Luis Potosi
"They migrate from Canada and the U.S. to Mexico, and San Luis Potosi is a destination for monarch butterflies."
The growth of urban area put on risks for the journey of butterflies. Their routes could be up to 4,500 kilometers.
In recent years, some entrepreneurs from various industries have donated more than 576 thousand dollars for nature conservation associations to implement micro-projects such as sanctuaries for the monarch butterfly.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): ANA GUTIERREZ, Technical team of micro-projects
"In urban areas it is very difficult to have places where people can see for example monarch butterflies. Sometimes you have to drive three hours to get to see one."
During 2015, first planted milkweed bush projects had favorable results. This year will begin the mass distribution of micro-butterfly sanctuaries in the schools of the city.