Vinitage train ride to Yankee's opening game

Added On April 7, 2016


It's baseball season for New Yorkers.

As a tradition, the New York public transportation authority MTA offered a vintage train ride on Tuesday for the baseball fans.
Let's take a look.
Once a year, the olive-green train takes fans to New York's Yankee Stadium for the team's Opening Day.
The train consists of four cars that date back to 1917. 
With rattan seats and paddle fans, the out-of-date train offers a full taste of history.
Known as a low-voltage train, it uses air pressure to open and close doors rather than electric motors.
"1917, that's almost 100 years ago. These cars actually maintained, as you look at that get, it's not like these are replacements. This is different to me, because the components on the train, the ceiling fans, stuff you won't see on these modern cars now. This is something that I'm glad that U.S. transit does, they do to us a lot more than people think, but it's pleasure seeing them doing this, and just keeping this tradition going." 
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"I loved it, I'm old enough to have ridden on such a train in the 1960s, and it was nice to see it. My wife thinks that the seats are more comfortable than the ones that we have nowadays, because they are made out of rattan and they are padded."
SOUNDBITE: Baseball fan
"It was great, that was really cool. I've never ridden on a vintage MTA train. You know they exist, but that was a really neat thing to be able to do."
The New York Yankees team had its first pitch of 2016 on April 5th.