A night at the Hamlet castle

Added On April 25, 2016

Now Let's turn to Denmark, where the Hamlet castle is offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance for two lucky American students. 
The event is part of the celebrations of the Year of Shakespeare and Hamlet 2016.
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American student Melanie Rio won a competition to be the first in the world to spend the night of Shakespeare's death in the King's Tower of Kronborg Castle, also called Hamlet's castle in Elsinore, Denmark. The last time anyone slept in the tower was around 200 years ago.
Rio was thrilled to get this experience that she won after answering questions about her connections to Shakespeare, Hamlet, Kronborg Castle and the town of Elsinore. 
"I am so glad, that I took an afternoon to write a little thing about how much I love Shakespeare, because it has been my life and probably always will be. And this is one of the most amazing things I've got to do."
Rio brought her friend Margaret Zwiebach together with her. Both students are pursuing a Master's Degree in Shakespeare at King's College in London.
The opening of the Year of Shakespeare and Hamlet 2016 also featured a performance by the London-based Shakespeare theatre company the Globe. The performance in Elsinore was attended by the Danish Queen Margrethe II.
Artistic director Lars Romann Engel is proud that the performances of Hamlet have been going on for 200 years in the Castle. 
Hamlet is a role many actors dream to play. But only a few get the chance, and even fewer in Hamlet's castle. 
"And to play Hamlet is a very iconic role and that is why it attracts some of the best actors from abroad - and we are representing some of the best and high qualified performances every year here at the castle."
Kronborg Castle also offers interactive activities inside the castle for people to learn about the history that inspired Shakespeare.
SOUNDBITE: ERIK ALS, Kronborg Castle manager
"This summer we will put up an interactive theatre at Kronborg Castle, where the Hamlet family will interact with the guest, when they move around the castle."
The 200th edition of the international Hamlet play in Kronborg will be on show this August.