World largest offshore tech event in Houston

Added On May 6, 2016

The 47th Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the largest in the world, opened in Houston on Monday with the participation of delegates from more than 120 countries and regions. 
It is a conference where the energy industry assembles to solve technical challenges, network, share best practices and conduct business.
The event has a packed agenda with more than 80 technical sessions, topical breakfasts, luncheons and panels.
Highlights at the gathering include the application of geo-science technology to the energy industry.
The oil and gas industry has been fluctuating since mid-2014, and the oil bust has deadly impact upon the energy industry.
The oil bust also forced a lot of companies to abandon their plans to attend this year's global event for technologies and products.
Attendance peaked in 2014 with 108,161, but the figure reduced last year to 94,880.
Organizers believe that this year's event is more important than ever as global drillers are seeking new technologies for efficiency and lower costs.