China-US tourism year - Who is benefiting?

Added On May 7, 2016

This year marks the China-U.S. tourism year. 
Chinese travelers represent a significant and growing market for the United States' tourism industry.
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With exchanges between the world’s two largest economies on the rise, more Chinese travellers are coming to the U.S.
New York City is among the most popular destinations for the Chinese tourists, 850,000 visitors visited the Big Apple in 2015, and the number is expected to reach one million by 2018. 
The Empire State Building is witnessing. 
SOUNDBITE: JEAN-YVES GHAZI, Director of Empire State Building Observatory
"This is the number one attraction here in the city for the Chinese when they arrive. for the trends, we are very happy for the performance, year over year, 2014 to 2015, with double digit growth, and we continue with this trend as we go into the first quarter of 2016 as well, so we are seeing a very positive trend for the Chinese tourism coming to New York City."
Not just city landmarks, related businesses are also benefiting. 
Being in the industry for more than eight years, restaurant owner King Yu has never seen more customers.  
SOUNDBITE: KING YU, Restaurant Owner
"We do see the number for the past two years, from last year to this year, it is almost like a double of the people that we got from China. it makes a very big difference especially on business wise, that customers they come over to visit UN, they also come here for the lunch time."
"About two million Americans made trips to China in 2015. Roughly 2.7 million Chinese people traveled to the United States. With 2016 declared as China-U.S. tourism year, the number is still growing." 
The huge travel market has made U.S. airlines batten down the hatchet in the China front. 
Many major airways are vying for the already limited non-stop flight slots between Chinese and U.S. cities, including the latest bid by American Airlines to launch new services between Los Angeles - Beijing. 
SOUNDBITE: ART TORNO, Senior VP, American Airlines 
"It is a market, frankly, when you look at it, it still is in a huge growth mode, so there is greater opportunity, not only for us, but many carriers to serve it. We believe the future for us here is bright. We believe that we will be flying to China for generations to come."
As China's economy maintains a stable growth, the country has been engaging globally with an outward reach.  
A good economic outlook has promoted robust business ties and intensified cultural exchanges between China and the U.S.
SOUNDBITE: MICHAEL ZAKKOUR, VP, Tompkins International
"The growth of the Chinese economy, has been vital for the growth of travel between the United States and China. so we are seeing a record number of tourists coming to the united states, record number of business people coming back and forth between the United States and China. so clearly the growth of the Chinese economy in the last 30 years, has made China global travel destination and Chinese people global travelers."
"With China’s burgeoning middle classes and the country’s growing economy, Chinese people are going global. The China-U.S. tourism year is already seeing a surging number of Chinese tourists. The growing exchanges in a variety of areas could become another robust engine to power the two economies. Shang Yang CNC World, New York. "