Interview with forensic scientist Henry Lee

Added On May 16, 2016

Famous Chinese American forensic scientist Henry Lee met with representive of the police, lawyers and other community leaders in Los Angeles on Monday. Lee shared his experience during his 40-year professional career.
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Recently, several murder cases happened in Chinese community in Los Angeles, which shocked the entire U.S. as well as China. Besides, several Chinese students lost their lives in accidents or robbery during studying in the U.S. Safety issue of Chinese people in the U.S. has become a major concern.
Soundbite: HENRY LEE, Forensic scientist
"In the past, murder case seldom happened in Chinese community. But recently, several murder cases happened in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Many murder was because of conflict between couples in college. Murder is originated from the beginning of human history. Multi-approaches are needed to resolve the problem. Besides the police, the general public should join effort to ease people's mental pressure."
As a world-renowned forensic scientist, Dr. Lee has solved numerous big cases. He said to decrease criminal cases, the work of police plays a small part. Everyone in the society is responsible. For Chinese people in the U.S., sense of self-protection and awareness of U.S. law are always necessary.
Soundbite: HENRY LEE, Forensic scientist
"The criminal rate in the U.S. as well as in the world is rising because of pressure from the society, abuse of gun and drugs and family economic issues. When some people are stimulated, they might have extreme reactions like murdering, which cause tragedies."
As a Chinese American, Dr. Lee has been working on judicial cooperation with China. And he hopes to devote what he learnt to his home country.
Soundbite: HENRY LEE, Forensic scientist
"We are cooperating with many universities in China, including China University of Political Science and Law, East China University of Political Science and Law. We also accept some visiting scholars from different provinces of China. Currently, we have six people in training. Hundreds of people have come since the beginning of this project."