VR comes to glaucoma testa, diagnosis

Added On May 26, 2016

 The program was created by the Ngoggle Team from San Diego, the U.S., attracting many medical investors during the i-Creation China.2016 Zhejiang Businessmen Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition.

Their VR device looks just like normal VR glasses. However, the glasses can play images to stimulate vision, and the strap at back can collect electroencephalogram changes. 
According to Shao Jiajian, the CTO of Ngoggle Team, this new technology is under clinical test in the US at the moment.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): SHAO JIAJIAN, CTO of Ngoggle Team
"For example, when we show a flash to a normal person, we can see the response in the brain. If someone has glaucoma, some parts of the eyes are blind so the response will be different. We can find out which part is blind from the differences."
Currently, the common diagnosis method of glaucoma is Standard Automatic Perimetry (SAP). Under this way, a patient has to record the light spots he sees manually. If the patient loses focus or moves head, the result is impaired. 
Shao said the electroencephalogram is an objective and accurate way to record the blind spots. Meanwhile, experts found it can detect areas which SAP cannot through test. 
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): SHAO JIAJIAN, CTO of Ngoggle Team
"Our method is more sensitive than SAP. Patients with glaucoma can know the medical effect with this method. This is very important. Traditionally, patients can only have three tests annually and large amount of data is needed. It takes patients one to one and a half year averagely to know if the treatment takes effect. We hope that with this device, we can shorten the period to three months."
According to Stanley Kim, the CEO of Ngoggle Team, they have already acquired investment from the US government, as well as the international patents. 
With two Chinese team members, Shao said the team came to China in order to find strategic cooperation partners in this promising market. They are optimistic that the potential for VR in health are is huge.