Li Na: never give up

Added On June 2, 2016

Although retired for nearly two years, tennis superstar Li Na still remains as a symbol of Chinese tennis.
This was proved again in Paris last week, when Li Na showed up during the 2016 French Open, as the global ambassador for the Wuhan Open, a WTA Premier 5 event held in her home city every September.
CNC talked with the icon. Let's take a look.
Li won her first Grand Slam at Roland Garros 5 years ago. Now, she's still the focus of attention while promoting the Wuhan Open here.
Together with retired French tennis icon Mary Pierce, Li played a symblic game under the landmark Eiffel Tower.
The scenery of Paris remains the same as Li holding up the trophy here in 2011. However, her life has entered into a new stage. She has been a mother of a daughter, and is ready to welcome her second baby.
Li, two-time Grand Slam champions, said tennis gives her all that she want and to tennis,  she would give back all that she has. Enabling more ordinary people to play and enjoy tennis will extend her tennis career,
Li added she will try her best to promote the popularity of tennis in China. 
The priority work plan after her retirement is to establish a tennis school in China.
SOUNDBITE: Li Na, Retired Chinese Tennis Player
"Establishing a tennis school is one of the most important things in my life, which I will never give up."
Born and raised in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, Li have helped to put Chinese tennis on the global map with her victories at the French and Australian Opens. Her retirement in 2014 has been considered a loss to the Wuhan Open, which is an ambitious undertaking for the city of 10 million people.